Euphorium Records EUPH 034 Peripherduette

Edithrakneff Weinermond/Romondoprath Ulfkutter

Edithrakneff Weinermond, klawinke, tardratt', pischwiper, glöklwuddn; Romondoprath Ulfkutter, zirkelbrame, breitreibe, hufmuttertuben.

  1. Peripherduett (02.00)
  2. A ditschweggl-mover on a traunstegg'ler-feer (10.10)
  3. Peripherduett (11.39)
  4. A ditschweggl-mover on a traunstegg'ler-feer (05.42)
  5. Peripherduett (01.40)
This would appear to be a (deliberate) and exact duplication of EUPH 034 with the same catalogue number but fictitious duo names and invented, outrageous, instruments. Presumably a joke by Oliver Schwerdt.

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