Euphorium Records EUPH 039a Alles was baumelt, bringt glück! (DVD)

Gudrun Pappelteich

  1. Alles was baumelt, bringt glück! (87.00)
  2. Bonus: Der museumsführer (30.00)

This is a film directed by Gudrun Pappelteich. Most spoken words are in German and there are no English subtitles. It covers Oliver Schwerdt in a number of situtations talking about his approach to music, exploring the museum at Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 90, Leipzig and playing with a range of musicians. The 'bonus' features a story and acting by Oliver Schwerdt and was filmed by Jan Filkorn. As well as being a separate feature, it is interleaved into the main DVD.

The following musicians appear on the DVD but many of them only on the soundtrack and not in the filmed excerpts: Oliver Schwerdt; Friedrich Kettlitz; Alexander Schubert; Timo Klöckner; Jacob Müller; Matthias Macht; Hans-Hermann Schwerdt; Paul Lovens; Alexander von Schlippenbach; Evan Parker; Günther Lauschild; Leo Smith; Urs Leimgruber; Axel Dörner; Michael Haves; Barre Phillips; Christian Lillinger; Günter Sommer; Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky; Solveig Reberp-Klamt; Patrick Gertis; Jens Schneider; Rudi Feuerbach; Jan Filkorn; Phil Minton; Max Loeb; Hartmut Dorschner; Frank Möbus; Thomas Lehn,

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