Eventuell EVTL05 Long live the people of the revolution

Oliver Augst/Rüdiger Carl/Christoph Korn/Raymond Pettibon/Otomo Yoshihide

Oliver Augst, voice, mixer; Rüdiger Carl, voice, accordion, claviola, clarinet, keyboard; Christoph Korn, voice, guitar, melodica; Raymond Pettibon, voice; Otomo Yoshihide, turntables, sampling.
  1. Down the murderers
  2. Der tag des proletariats
  3. Wake up
  4. Der kleine trompeter
  5. March
  6. Kantate von der schütterlrutsche
  7. Es lebe das volk der revolution
  8. Lower the red tax
  9. He, he
  10. Hipp, hipp
  11. Song von der arbeit
  12. Die rote fahne
  13. Long live the people of the revolution
  14. Pack zu gewaltige faust
  15. We want to march together
  16. Langer Willi
  17. Storm the barracks red soldiers
  18. Muscles
  19. Peace
  20. Senkt die roten fahren
  21. Die kräfte waren gering
Produced for Hessischer Rundfunk HR2 Hörspiel, 2004.

Front cover art (part reproduced above) by Raymond Pettibon, 2005.

Issued as limited edition LP of 400 + 40 copies only.

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