Ex 142V Live at Cafe OTO - 'And so say all of us'

The Ex

A film by thepracticetapes.com

The Ex [Andy Moor, guitar, baritone guitar; Terrie Hessels, guitar, baritone guitar; Arnold de Boer, vocals, guitar, sampler, trumpet; Katherina Bornefeld, drums, percussion, vocals]; Stewart Lee, M.C.; Tony Buck, drums; Mats Gustafsson, baritone saxophone; Ken Vandermark, tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet; Temesgen Melese, dance; Martha 'Messi', dance; Steve Beresford, piano; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Anne-James Chaton, text, voice; Xavier Charles, clarinet; John Butcher, tenor saxophone; Ab Baars, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Roy Paci, trumpet

  1. 'Addis hum' The Ex & Tony, Ken Wolter, Xavier
  2. 'That's not a virus' The Ex
  3. 'Maybe I was the pilot' The Ex & Brass Unbound (Ab, Roy, Wolter, Ken)
  4. Mats Gustafsson & Andy & Terrie
  5. Ken Vandermark
  6. Steve Beresford & Wolter Wierbos
  7. 'D'quest en est' Anne-James Chaton & Andy
  8. 'Gondar' The Ex & Tony, Ken, Wolter, Xavier, Temesgen, Messi
  9. 'Hidegen fujnok a szelek' The Ex & Brass Unbound
  10. 'Lale guma' The Ex & Tony, Ken, Wolter, Xavier, Temesgen, Messi
  11. Xavier Charles & Terrie
  12. John Butcher & Tony Buck
  13. Ab Baars, Xavier Charles Ken Vandermark
  14. John Butcher & Tony Buck
  15. 'State of shock' The Ex & Brass Unbound
  16. 'Eoleyo' The Ex & Tony, Ken, Wolter, Xavier, Temesgen, Messi
  17. 'Theme from Konono no. 2' The Ex & Brass Unbound
Recorded at The Ex 33 1/3 Festival on 29/30 November and 1 December 2012 at Cafe OTO, London.

Cover design (front cover reproduced above) by Emma Fischer.

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