FMP CD146 Live in Berlin


Rüdiger Carl, clarinet, accordion, claviola; Hans Reichel, guitar, daxophone; Carlos Zingaro, violin; Jin Hi Kim, komungo.

    Ei! Improvisiererei...!
  1. Ei! (09.23)
  2. Im (07.11)
  3. pro (06.45)
  4. vi (08.45)
  5. sie (13.10)
  6. re (10.33)
  7. rei...! (06.34)
  8. Those were the days (03.07)
Recorded on 6 November 1999 during the Total Music Meeting at Podewil, Berlin.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) Eidos 2009 by Franz Westi; layout by Jost Gebers.

Initially released in January 2010 as part of the box set Im Rückblick - In Retrospect.

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