FMP CD 59 Grooves 'n' loops

COWWS Quintet

Rüdiger Carl, accordion, clarinet, percussion; Irene Schweizer, piano, percussion; Phil Wachsmann, violin, viola, electronics; Stephen Wittwer, electric guitar; Jay Oliver, double bass.

Die einführung (05.50), Relativ ewigeslied (03.08), The owls (04.38), P. waltz (05.38), Hinter den gardinen (05.15), Gunsti (04.23), Blue Goo (06.14), Dunkler ruhm (04.39), Tati's tatoos (03.13), Erste hilfe (04.05), Gasthof sympathie (08.24), Bei fuss (04.14), Gunst II (05.02), Pawns (02.27), H.M.E. as a young man (05.10), Soweit so gut (01.06).

Recorded live on 12/13 January 1993 at the 'Ottenbrucher Bahnhof' in Wuppertal.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Günther Förg.

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