FMP CD71 Hang about shout

Jean-Marc Montera

Jean-Marc Montera, guitar, tapes, objects.

  1. X troubled line (12.55)
  2. Neither... nor (09.37)
  3. Brush lamentu (11.14)
  4. Divkoviceva Street (04.40)
  5. Rebel (17.09)
  6. Mottled doe dance (10.47)
  7. Finally it's not so difficult to walk with a smiling alligator in the pocket (05.11)
Tracks 1-4 recorded during the Grenoble Jazz Festival at La Soupe au Choux on 25 March 1993; other tracks recorded during the Total Music Meeting, Berlin on 19 November 1994.

CD booklet artwork (reproduced above) by Pascale Chau-Huu.

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