FMP CD75 Backgrounds for improvisors

Improvisors Pool featuring Sam Rivers and Alexander von Schlippenbach

Axel Dörner, trumpet; Sam Rivers, flute, tenor and soprano saxophones; Tilmann Dehnard, flute, tenor saxophone; Felix Wahnschaffe, alto saxophone; Claas Willecke, baritone saxophone; Tina Wrase, soprano saxophone; Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano; Horst Nonnenmacher, double bass; Johannes Bockholt-Dams, drums.

  1. If you say (07.15)
  2. Terrain (12.16)
  3. Frame (03.52)
  4. Top dogs double hop (08.57)
  5. Background (29.38)
  6. Encounter (05.43)
  7. The forge (10.30)
Recorded 5 April 1995 at Podewil, Berlin.

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