FMR CD02-011988/Bead CD01 Eleven years from yesterday

Phil Wachsmann/Peter Jacobsen/Ian Brighton/Marcio Mattos/Trevor Taylor

Phil Wachsmann, violin and electronics; Peter Jacobsen, piano, harpsichord, synth; Ian Brighton, electric guitar; Marcio Mattos, bass and cello; Trevor Taylor, percussion.

Soul becalmed (06.59), On sombre boat he road (09.55), Down the shimmering torrents (10.05), Full of purple stars (09.29), And peacefully (04.08), The leaf branch sank on to him (13.16), Poppy from silver cloud (07.12). Titles taken from poetry by Georg Trakl 'Siebengesang des todes' Poetry 12th edition, Otto Muller Verlag, Salzburg.

Recorded at The Smokehouse, Wapping, London on 18 October 1988.

Cover painting (reproduced above) by Trevor Taylor.

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