FMR CD113-i0303 Lit as from within

Vanishing pictures

Dirk Wachtelaer, drums electronics; DJ Grazzhoppa, turntables, beat; Paul Lytton, live electronics; Gerrit Valckenaers, sampler, Indian pump organ, bass clarinet; Jim Denley, flute, saxophone, voice; Michael Weilacher, oil drum, zither, bottles; Stevie Wishart, live electronics, voice, hurdy gurdy; Piet Verbist, double bass; Pierre Bastien, violin machine, javanese rebab, trumpet; Steve Hubback, metal percussion, gongs.
  1. Lunar profession (06.03)
  2. Lit as from within (06.59)
  3. Jazzy glitter (06.05)
  4. Events disproved his calculations (10.44)
  5. Spalanzani (05.17)
  6. Because it's travel (05.37)
  7. With hidden noise (05.57)
  8. Hit with noise (09.57)
Recorded in 2001 at studio At The Crossroads.

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