FMR CD92-i0502 Coxhill Street

George Burt/Raymond MacDonald Quartet with Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone; George Burt, guitar; Raymond MacDonald, alto and soprano saxophones; Nicola MacDonald, vocals, melodica; George Lyle, double bass; Allan Pendreigh, drums.
  1. Ego a go go (05.21)
  2. Par le chemin, part 1 (01.39)
  3. Anatomy of uselessness (14.06)
  4. Will bells (04.29)
  5. Frottage Freddie (09.18)
  6. Meanwhile, at the castle (03.21)
  7. Par le chemin, part 2 (01.00)
  8. Beginning, whatever happens (12.39)
  9. The original elephant tree (14.08)
Recorded on 15 and 17 June 2001 at The Foundry, Glasgow.

Cover design and artwork (reproduced above) by Ewan Rigg.

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