FMR DVD5 Hear now: a film by Mark French

Trevor Watts/Veryon Weston/Mark Sanders/John Edwards

This is a film by Mark French about Trevor Watts including interviews with Trevor interspersed with video performances. It includes discussions of improvising methods and the work of the Moire Music Drum Orchestra. Includes: Trevor Watts, saxophones; Veryon Weston, piano; Mark Sanders, drums; John Edwards, bass. There are some audio-only tracks in duo with Veryan Weston set against stills.

    Duo recording in Lewes [TW/VW]
  1. Dialogues in Lewes 1 (18.07)
  2. Dialogues in Lewes 2 (07.55)
  3. Dialogues in Lewes 3 (17.14)
  4. Dialogues in Lewes 4 (12.13)
  5. Dialogues in Lewes 5 (05.51)
  6. Quartet concert at Hastings Jazz Club [TW/VW/MS/JE]
  7. No memory 1
  8. No memory 2
Tracks 1-5 recorded at All Saints Arts Centre, Lewes, East Sussex on 11 August 2012; 6-7 recorded on 4 September 2012.

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