FOR 4 EARS CD1968 Signal to noise vol. 6

Jason Kahn/Tomas Korber/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil/Choi Joonyong/Bae Miryung/Jin Sangtae/Sato Yukie

Jason Kahn, analogue synthesizer, percussion; Tomas Korber, guitar, electronics; Norbert Möslang, cracked everyday electronics; Günter Müller, iPod, electronics; Hong Chulki, mixer feedback; Ryu Hankil, analogue clock, laptop; Choi Joonyong, CD players; Bae Miryung, laptop; Jin Sangtae, radio, laptop; Sato Yukie, guitar, electronics.
  1. Tomas Korber/Norbert Möslang/Hong Chulki (06.02)
  2. Günter Müller/Sato Yukie (06.45)
  3. Jason Kahn/Jin Sangtae (06.25)
  4. Jason Kahn/Günter Müller/Ryu Hankil (09.02)
  5. Norbert Möslang/Choi Joonyong (09.24)
  6. Tomas Korber/Bae Miryung/Ryu Hankil (08.01)
  7. Norbert Möslang/Jin Sangtae/Sato Yukie (06.57)
Recorded at Theater Choo Seoul, 16 March 2006 and at Iry Cafe Seoul, 17 March 2006.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Günter Müller.

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