FOR 4 EARS CD1970 Taste tribes

Alfred 23 Harth/Hans Joachim Irmler/Günter Müller

Alfred 23 Harth, tenor saxophone, clarinet, Kaoss Pad, thumb piano, voice, Dochirak con arco; Hans Joachim Irmler, organ; Günter Müller, iPods, electronics.
  1. Genuine imitation (08.43)
  2. Servicing the target (03.41)
  3. Weasel worlds (18.04)
  4. Doubletwist (05.40)
  5. Eruptive obfuscation (18.31)
This is a virtual trio put together from the recordings in August 2007 of Harth/Irmler at Fauststudio, Germany and of Harth/Müller at Remisch, Switzerland. Only track 2, duo H/M, has no edits or overdubs. Track 1 includes a guitar sample of Kawabata Makoto and track 5 includes excerpts from "Eruption" 1970 by Conrad Schnitzler, Klaus Freudigmann and Wolfgang Seidel.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by A23H and Günter Müller.

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