FOR 4 EARS CD 307 Instant collusion


D.M. Visotzky, alto saxophone; David Gattiker, cello; Günter Müller, drums, electronics.

  1. The stillness across the river (03.56)
  2. Let's eat the bread of idleness (04.02)
  3. Life is so beautiful when you fall out of bed in the morning (08.19)
  4. The thaw of frozen oscillations (09.08)
  5. The panther's change of suit (05.03)
  6. The boisterous boys' boil (03.23)
  7. Diary of a crazy man who drives camels through his eyes (11.07)
  8. Before the dark face of blues (08.02)
Recorded 2 February 1991 at A&M Photography Studio, Geneva.

Artwork (cover reproduced above) by Alain Julliard.

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