FOR 4 EARS CD408 Telefonia - a transatlantic performance: selected soundscape no. 2

Various musicians

In Telefonia, the musicians were performing together linked by satellite, playing at Winterthur in Switzerland, at the Hall of Science in New York City and (in the 2nd part) also on the Säntis Mountain in the Swiss Alps.

Winterthur: Andres Bosshard, cassette machine, interactive electronics; Jin Hi Kim, komungo; Ron Kuivila, interactive electronics; Paul Lovens, drums (1st part); Bernard Mixon, voice; Phil Wachsmann, violin; Jacques Widmer, drums (1st part).
New York: Terry Adkins, kora; David Gattiker, cello; Jon Laxdal, voice; Christian Marclay, turntables; Butch Morris, cornet; Günter Müller, drums, electronics.
Säntis: (2nd part) Paul Lovens, drums, singing saw; Jacques Widmer, drums.

  1. Local soundgarden NY (04.15)
  2. Winterthur-perspective WI (08.25)
  3. Interlude: New York NY (06.25)
  4. Tele: NY-WI NY (02.25) WI (02.00) NY (13.15)
  5. Local: New York NY (08.40)
  6. Tele: NY-WI-SÄn WI (02.55) NY (06.55) WI (03.15) NY (01.40)
  7. Interlude: New York NY (01.35)
  8. Tele-soundgarden WI (01.55) NY (01.35)
Recorded live on 31 May to 2 June 1991 at the Sulzer-areal Winterthur, the Hall of Science New York and on 1/2 June transmitted to Winterthur and New York from the Säntis Mountain in the Swiss Alps.

Computer graphics (front cover reproduced above) by Andres Bosshard; layout by Günter Müller.

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