FOR 4 EARS CD512 The knotty stick


Jacques Widmer, drums; Günter Heinz, trombone, flute; Hans Anliker, trombone; Günter Müller, drums and electronics.

Rounds about (08.22), Bejaflor (05.31), Sticky knots (04.50), Square play (04.07), Voices in bone (07.15), Bone of contention (01.20), Slideways (02.54), Caipi (03.01), Einer sagt (03.47), Vasco's hunch (04.39), Queue on cue (04.10), Knotty sticks (01.28).

Recorded 19/20 May 1993 at Radio DRS Studio Zurich.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Barbara Hediger Müller.

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