FOR 4 EARS CD513 Live

Christian Marclay/Günter Müller

Christian Marclay, turntables and records; Günter Müller, drums and electronics.

Piñata (04.07), Dea ex machina (02.58), Pfiff (01.19), Sunny-side up (04.07), Sore Eros (03.40), Je ne vous oblierai jamais (01.03), The ransom note (01.42), Dreh-moment (02.10), Love gasoline (01.54), Vitalium (01.44), A rose is a rose is a rose... (04.27), Rififi (02.23), Arrivederci (03.07).

Recorded at Festival Nouvelles Scènes, Dijon, France on 17 October 1992, Mini Festival Visionäre Schweiz, Düsseldorf, Germany on 26 June 1992, and ART 24'93, Basel, Switzerland on 18 June 1993.

Design and collages by Christian Marclay; type design by Tom Recchion.

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