FOR 4 EARS CD927 TIT for TAT/Conduction #70

Lawrence D. Butch Morris

Lawrence D. Butch Morris, conductor; B. Buster, turntables; Pete Ehrnrooth, clarinets, saxophones; Andy Guhl, cracked everyday electronics; Hans Koch, clarinets, saxophones; Edgar Laubscher, electric viola; Norbert Möslang, cracked everyday electronics; Daniel Mouthon, voice; Günter Müller, drums, electronics; Jim O'Rourke, acoustic guitar; Dorothea Schürch, voice; Martin Schütz, electric 5-string cello; Marie Schwab, acoustic violin; Nicolas Sordet, electronics; Fredy Studer, drums; Stephan Wittwer, electric guitar.

  1. Conduction #70 (48.10)
Recorded on 29 September 1996 at Fabrikjazz, Zürich.

Cover design by Günter Müller.

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