Fringes 01 May 15th

Giuseppe Ielasi/Renato Rinaldi/Domenico Sciajno/Gino Robair

Giuseppe Ielasi, acoustic guitar, other strings; Renato Rinaldi, harmonium, strings, amplified objects; Domenico Sciajno, double bass, live electronics; Gino Robair, skin, wood, metal, plastic, hair.

    Seven tracks, no titles:
  1. (08.57)
  2. (04.43)
  3. (07.25)
  4. (04.12)
  5. (09.33)
  6. (08.15)
  7. (08.06)
Recorded on 15 May 1998 in Monza.

Front cover (reproduced above) design Giuseppe Vergani; photo by Papa Ielasi.

This is a limited edition of 400 CDs.

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