Fringes 05 La macchina che moltiplica 'a' per tre


Alessandro Bosetti, soprano saxophone, sampling; Antonello Cassinotti, voice, acting; Renato Rinaldi, amplified objects, strings, devices, sampling; Filippo Monico, drums, objects.

    Track titles given in Italian and English; English titles given below:
  1. One implies the other (02.59)
  2. Sing a lullaby in the Arapahos style (03.50)
  3. Costabolario (04.20)
  4. Our positions
    as usual
    as if they did not know it
    a > a
    some indications for the way back
    as usual
    classification of names
    to build a trap
    to scare off the cranes in a high voice
    some indications for the way back (08.26)
  5. The graft (03.58)
  6. The removal of the feathers from the air with the theet (06.12)
  7. Leda tries with the peacock (06.29)
  8. Barely outside the complement of time (03.28)
Recorded in summer 1999 in Monza.

Front cover (reproduced above) drawing by Corrado Costa.

This is a limited edition of 400 CDs.

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