Fylkingen Records FYCD102 Safaris


Johannes Bergmark, constructions (whalefish, finger violin, blowfish, metal harp), analog and virtual modular synthesizers, clavinet, voice, saw, objects; Martin Küchen, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, metal barrel, sandwich grill, miscellaneous percussive junk, bow, guitar, trumpet, voice; Sören Runolf, electric guitar, amplified objects, electronic processors, virtual modular synthesizer, cello.
  1. A homely safari (15.46)
  2. The Molly Hotwall adventures (13.38)
  3. People's safari of America (07.48)
  4. On a tranquillizing safari (06.57)
  5. Holes through holes (09.04)
  6. Half-leopards and semi-turtles (15.20)
  7. Holly and blind (03.12)
Recorded, mixed and edited at Fylkingen and EMS 2001-2002.

Cover design (reproduced above) by L. Elggren.

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