GROB 430 Boogie (dedicated to John Lee Hooker)


Boris Hauf, saxophones, electronics; Martin Siewert, guitar, lapsteel, electronics; Burkhard Stangl, guitars, devices; Dieb13, turntables; Billy Roisz, video mixer, feedback-cam.

  1. !numa (09.51)
  2. Ishki (13.36)
  3. Tor (15.32)
  4. Kapulanta (08.23)
  5. Pram (10.19) [Quicktime movie for Macs and PCs]
Recorded live at Podewil, Berlin in November 2000 and at Muku, St. Johann in June 2001.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by Billy Roisz; design by Sandra Renz.

On the inside cover: 'Efzeg still repudiates acclaim from anyone still not repudiating the present Austrian government. May 2002'

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