GROB 538 Blank meets Pettibon

Oliver Augst/Rüdiger Carl/Christoph Korn/Raymond Pettibon

Oliver Augst, vocals, no-input mixer, keyboard; Rüdiger Carl, claviola, clarinet, keyboard, drum machine; Christoph Korn, guitar, electronics; Raymond Pettibon, voice.
  1. I don't go nowhere without my microphone (rehearsal for your pleasure) (02.44)
  2. Be careful what you pay for/Yo! Bum rush the show (02.21)
  3. Put your damn hands up! (02.59)
  4. Boo hoo, I'll tell my baby on you (05.43)
  5. We're an American band (04.53)
  6. We all did what we could do (02.06)
Recorded on 31 October 2001 at the Philharmonie, Cologne on the occasion of the awarding of the "Hahn-Prize" to Raymond Pettibon by Freunde des Museum Ludwig, Cologne.

Front cover art (reproduced above) by Raymond Pettibon.

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