Hat Art CD 6122 L'Histoire de Mme. Tasco

Joëlle Léandre's Canvas Trio

Joëlle Léandre, bass, voice; Rüdiger Carl, accordion, clarinet; Carlos Zingaro, violin.

Trio (03.49), Waspgame (01.36), Shakuachi #2 (05.33), L'Histoire de Mme. Tasco: L'Histoire... (05.18), Prés de Thionville (04.40), Coup d'oeil (04.50), Morceau qui marche (04.09), Endless waltz (02.03) [total time 21.00]; To day and to morrow (03.35), L'âme profonde (04.25), Sag mir warum (03.37).

Recorded live at Stadtgarten, Cologne and at Alter Oper, Frankfurt, on 25 March 1992 and 3 April 1992.

Graphic concept by Ecke Bonk.

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