Heyermears Discorbie HDCD001 The violin factory

Jon Rose

The Orchestra of Ancient Guts [Theresa Schütz; Diana Kiendl; Alexander Eberhard; Isabelle Frodl; Christine Pawlik; Tobias Stosiek; Karin Schlechta; Petra Ackermann; Melissa Coleman; Elisabeth Harringer; Margit Slosser; Christoph Rothaler; Arthur Kracher; Levan Pagava; Tony Burger; Aileen Dullaghan; Wang-Yü Ko; Michael Trabesing; Il-Se-Ling; Luis Morais; Andrew Roots; Michael Pistelok; Mirek Walega; Ciro Vigilaute; Yuko Aragaki]; Kaffe Mathews, live sampling and mixing; Hu Xin Hang, er-hu, voice; Tom Demeyer, live interactive video manipulation and visual editor; Ying Li Ma, film footage of violin factories in China; Jon Rose, composition, interactive conductor, midi bow, relative violine samples, accelerometer violin.

  1. Tuning up (00.33)
  2. Introduction to the violin factory by factory guide Layla Chang (01.14)
  3. Admire the machine! (03.04)
  4. Factory guide explains that honest toil brings its rewards (01.08)
  5. The master power switch (02.04)
  6. The machine marches on... arrival of the next shift of workers (the glorious out-of-tune Suzuki class direct from Vancouver playing the peoples music, Vivaldi!) (02.27)
  7. Factory guide warns against subversive agents at work in the factory (01.40)
  8. Revolutionary working songs and techniques (01.39)
  9. The machine at maximum efficiency (0.40)
  10. Er-hu player and former factory employee now working as a street musician in Beijing; plate tuning department; happy workers (lunch break is due!) (03.44)
  11. A glue sniffer is caught (02.19)
  12. Bow making department; varnishing department; the tour guide continues stressing the role of good government... (04.37)
  13. Workers do keep fit exercises... kind of Chinese clog dancing (01.47)
  14. Cutting and finishing department; a time and motion study (02.29)
  15. Power surge causes short disruption (00.31)
  16. Close up of a rasping violin worker; an ex-factory tour guide now works as a tour guide for the tourist industry (like everybody else); the violin steaming department (04.12)
  17. The factory never stops; saw dust recycling department... (06.09)
  18. Entertainment for the masses (R&R violinist direct from Vancouver, the applause comes throught the internet too) (01.20)
  19. The workers are tired but their spirits are lifted by the heroism of the first violinist (01.48)
  20. Next shift of workers arrive (2nd Suzuki class extract) (02.05)
  21. A workers 'squeaky belly' discussion and criticism group (01.18)
  22. The workers sing revolutionary slogans 'Down with the dogs of capitalism!', 'Death to the agents of globalisation!', 'Destroy your local McDonalds!', 'Stick your Microsoft shares up your arse!' (02.09)
  23. Tour guide discusses the reasons behind the decline of factory violin making... a former skilled violin worker is reduced to selling cabbages on the streets of Beijing (03.10)
This piece was performed as part of the marathon The Relative Violin Night in the concert hall of Austrian Radio, Vienna on 7 December 1999. Simultaneously, versions of it appeared live on radio throughout Austria; in a parallel concert at the Western Front, Vancouver and on the internet.

CD cover, layout and production (front cover reproduced above) by Jozef Cseres and József R. Juhász.

This CD is distributed in the UK by ReR Megacorp.

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