Heyermears Discorbie HDCD10 ReQords REQ-002 Ronda rnd14 Paw Music

Paw Music

Pál Tóth, electronic devices, objects, contact microphones, voice; Quentin Rollet, alto saxophone, microphone, feedback, vocie; Zsolt Sörés, viola, analogue synthesizer, objects, contact microphones, feedback, voice.

  1. Paw lesson (00.29)
  2. Missin' miss in pink (16.11)
  3. Disztök (02.42)
  4. The real paw (00.05)
  5. Old smuggla' (23.57)
  6. Beugró (04.38)
Recorded at Arion Studio, Budapest, Hungary in August/September 2002.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Heyermears.

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