ICP 045 Circus

Alessandra Patrucco/Tristan Honsinger/Misha Mengelberg/Ab Baars/Han Bennink

Alessandra Patrucco, voice; Tristan Honsinger, cello, voice; Misha Mengelberg, piano, voice; Ab Baars, tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute; Han Bennink, drums.

  1. Purple [AP/HB] (02.53)
  2. Super market/Su Su ven a nan [all] (09.36)
  3. Blue fish [AP/TH/AB/HB] (05.48)
  4. Breathing white [AP/AB] (03.44)
  5. Echo [AP/TH/AB/HB] (04.19)
  6. Spinazie/Trata birata [AP/MM] (02.51)
  7. Desiderio [AP/TH/AB] (05.48)
  8. Toddling [AP/HT/MM] (06.03)
  9. In the middle of nowhere [all] (05.35)
Recorded at the BIMhuis, Amsterdam, nd.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Han Bennink.

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