Ictus 121 Clangs

Andrea Centazzo/Steve Lacy

Andrea Centazzo, drum set and percussion, vocals; Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone, bird calls, pocket synthesizer.

  1. The owl (06.38)
  2. Tracks (08.53)
  3. Dome (06.25)
  4. The new moon (06.13)
  5. Torments (08.18)
  6. Ducks (04.10)
Recorded in concert in Casarsa, Udine, Italy, on 20 February 1976.

Tracks 1-5 previously released as LP Ictus 001 and all tracks on Ictus Reissue series CD Rdc 5045.

This disc is part of the Ictus Records 30th anniversary collection.

Cover (reproduced above) photograhy and art by Andrea Centazzo.

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