Ictus 127 The New York tapes

Polly Bradfield/Andrea Centazzo/Eugene Chadbourne/Tom Cora/Toshinori Kondo/John Zorn

Polly Bradfield, violin; Andrea Centazzo, percussion; Eugene Chadbourne, guitars; Tom Cora, cello; Toshinori Kondo, trumpet; John Zorn, reeds.

  1. First environment for sextet (13.19)
  2. NY duo #1 (03.34)
  3. Second environment for sextet (24.51)
  4. NY duo #2 (05.28)
  5. NY sextet improvisation (04.00)
  6. NY trio (06.57)
Recorded at WKCR Radio Station New York City on 7 November 1978.

Part previously released on LP as Environment for sextet, Ictus 0017 and on USA concerts, Ictus 0018; previous Ictus Reissue Series CD Rdc 5026 had incorrect edits, all restored in current version.

This disc is part of the Ictus Records 30th anniversary collection.

Cover (reproduced above) art and photography by Andrea Centazzo.

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