Ictus Rdc 5026 Environment for sextet

Polly Bradfield/Andrea Centazzo/Eugene Chadbourne/Tom Cora/Toshinori Kondo/John Zorn

Polly Bradfield, violin; Andrea Centazzo, percussion; Eugene Chadbourne, guitars; Tom Cora, cello; Toshinori Kondo, trumpet; John Zorn, reeds.

  1. First environment for sextet (11.30)
  2. Solo improvisations (06.00)
  3. Second environment for sextet (17.15)
  4. Solo improvisations #2 (08.03)
  5. Improvviso III (duet) (05.45)
Recorded at WKCR Radio Station New York City on 7 November 1978.

Cover (reproduced above) concept: harpo.

Tracks 1 to 4 previously released on LP as Environment for sextet, Ictus 0017; track 5 previously released on LP USA concerts, Ictus 0018.

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