Ictus Rdc 5043 Shock!!

Andrea Centazzo/Gianluigi Trovesi

Andrea Centazzo, premiere drum set, paiste gongs and cymbals, vibraphone, marimba, bass marimba; Gianluigi Trovesi, bass clarinet, piccolo clarinet, alto saxphone, soprano saxphone.

  1. Shock (09.32)
  2. Cen. Tro. (04.08)
  3. Tro. Ce. (06.17)
  4. Shockmaker's shop (06.53)
  5. A day in Tunisia (... or somewhere around there) (09.54)
  6. She shook the shock & shot (04.58)
Recorded in January 1984 at in Bologna, Italy.

Previously released, under same titles, as LP Ictus 016.

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