Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-523 Stereo bugscope 00


"Stereo bugscope" refers to a performance system that detects oscillating sounds emitted by the circuitry inside electronic devices... No external oscillators, synthesizers or samplers have been used in these recordings. Neither has any post-production processing been used. All of the sounds were recorded using two inductive pickups..." extracts from the CD notes.

  1. Bugfield 1: "Start Up" - "Track Pad" with human operation, PowerBook G4 (04.29)
  2. Bugfield 2: "No Wave" - "Sleep" - "Wake Up" with human operation, PowerBook G4 (08.08)
  3. Bugfield 3: "CD Writing" - "Shut Down" with human operation, PowerBook G4 (05.53)
  4. Click from mobile phone with power off (03.49)
  5. Motor and LCD sound from digital audio recorder with running tape (02.50)
  6. Slow surface tracing around built-in machine fan, iMac (07.18)
  7. Pulse from wireless router, AirMac Extreme (03.27)
  8. Left and right side of machine body, PowerMac G4 (05.45)
  9. High frequency and motor sound of mini-disc recorder with spinning disc (05.40)
  10. "Start up" - "Shut down" with human operation, Vaio Notebook (10.43)
Tracks 1-3 recorded 28 January 2004; track 4 recorded 4 January 2004; tracks 5, 8-10 recorded 11 January 2004; tracks 6, 7 recorded 13 January 2004.

Photographs (front cover reproduced above) by Hideto Uchike.

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