Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-527 Lunch in Nishinomiya

Diane Labrosse/Martin Tétrault/Haco

Diane Labrosse, sampler; Martin Tétrault, turntable, surfaces, small electronics; Haco, contact microphones, oscillators, effects.
  1. What is today's recipe? (05.35)
  2. Kitchen neon (05.09)
  3. Cutting vegetables (03.19)
  4. The steamer (05.01)
  5. Boiling (07.19)
  6. Buon appetito! (03.59)
  7. Afternoon walk (07.40)
  8. In the fridge (05.54)
Recorded at Mescalina, Nishinomiya, Japan 2003/2004.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by MGX.Factory.

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