Incus CD-R1 The Appleyard file

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, guitar, voice.

  1. Early years (02.29)
  2. Darkness before dawn (02.41)
  3. Appleyard: corporate raider (03.18)
  4. Appleyard: visionary (05.32)
  5. The good, the bad & the gruesome (10.40)
Total time of the CD-R is 24.57 with no track breaks; given above are approximate timings of tracks.

No recording information provided, but all tracks were recorded during 2000 at Derek Bailey's home in London.

Cover artwork and design (front cover reproduced above) by Karen Brookman.

Described in the Incus publicity as 'things you might like to know about Charlie Appleyard', this CD-R provides details about this legendary but little-known character who has been credited as the founder of improvisation.

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