Incus CD-R2 Chats

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, guitar, voice.

  1. Explanation (00.17)

  2. Eugene (07.57)
  3. Henry (06.16)
  4. Fred (05.30)

  5. Barcelona (02.15)
  6. Shanghai (03.13)
  7. The old country (01.37)

  8. Anecdote (03.30)

  9. Richard Leigh and the meaning of life (04.34)
  10. Steve Beresford, gossip and poetry (04.05)
  11. Olé Audrey (01.13)
  12. The ballad of Big Bad Ben (01.35)

  13. More explanation (00.48)
No recording information provided; the following are suppositions... arrived at after some discussion with Derek Bailey. It is assumed that all (except track 5 - at an obvious location - and track 6 at a Chinese restaurant, East London) were recorded at Derek Bailey's home in London.

  1. Recorded by a film-maker working on a (never transmitted) video of DB; same period as Gig, 1992.
  2. Assume early 2000; it was definitely recorded after The guitar lesson, released on Victo in 1999 and DB makes reference (included samples) to his CaVanoCoNNoR samplers group whose first appearance was at the 2:13 Club in London on 3 January 1998.
  3. Previously released on The Aerial #5 as In my studio; no recording date on that release either but down as 1990.
  4. Lots of rain (2001 floods?), style of playing from last few years, say 2001.
  5. Very (conventionally) beautiful and untypical Bailey guitar playing, no voice; January 1998, Barcelona
  6. Conversation in restaurant; no way of working out; last couple of years? say 2000.
  7. Approximately 1995
  8. Longer version of track previously released as Table 2 on Violin music for restaurants on ReR; assumed 1987.
  9. 1996?
  10. Mention of DB's invitation to play at the ICP 30th anniversary concerts so presumably recorded 1997.
  11. Recorded in the last three years ie 1998/2000
  12. Mention of DB biography by BBB: assume 1999
  13. Different section of track 1, i.e. 1992. Zorn at end of piece
Cover artwork and design (front cover reproduced above) by Karen Brookman.

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