Incus 1 The topography of the lungs

Evan Parker/Derek Bailey/Han Bennink

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones; Derek Bailey, guitar, Han Bennink, percussion.

Titan moon (20.48), For Peter B and Peter K (04.32), Fixed elsewhere (05.05), Dogmeat (12.18)

Recorded in London on 13 July 1970.

Front cover print (partly reproduced above) by Alan Johnston.

In the midst of an array of whacky excerpts about acoustical, anatomical and related subjects there is the sentence 'Frederick Rzewski writes about free improvisation and makes sense' and also a statement from one of Evan Parker's recommended saxophone tutors. The foreword to the second edition of Top-tones for the saxophone; four-octave range by Sigurd M Rascher (1961) contains the statement: 'register. On the other hand, the student who realizes that mind (concept) and body (embouchure, fingering) must work together, will in due course succeed. We too often under-estimate the power of the active mind.' Also included in the 3rd edition, 1977, Carl Fischer p.4.

Re-issued, with two additional tracks in June 2006, on psi 06.05.

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