Incus18 February papers

Tony Oxley

Tony Oxley, percussion, violin, electronics; Barry Guy, double bass (bass guitar on Chant); Phil Wachsmann, violin; David Bourne, violin; Ian Brighton, electric guitar.

Quartet 1 (07.26), Sounds of the soil 2 (07.15), Brushes (04.06), Chant-Quartet 2 (06.43), Trio 2 (05.10), Combination (06.58), On the edge [to E.P.] (02.57).

Tracks 1 and 4 feature Guy/Wachsmann/Bourne/Oxley; tracks 2 and 5 feature Brighton/Wachsmann/Oxley; other tracks Tony Oxley: percussion and electronics.

Recorded at Hampden Gurney Studios, London, February 1977.

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