Incus19 Saxophone solos

Evan Parker

Evan Parker, solo soprano saxophone.

Aerobatics 1 (16.20), Aerobatics 4 (03.48), Aerobatics 2 (06.30), Aerobatics 3 (14.25). Aerobatics 1-3 were recorded by Martin Davidson at the Unity Theatre London on 17 June 1975, at a Musician's Cooperative concert.

Aerobatics 4 was recorded by Jost Gebers at the FMP studio, Berlin, on 9 September 1975.

Cover photographs (front reproduced above) by Roberto Masotti; accompanying text by Paul Haines.

Re-issued on CD in 1995 on Chronoscope CPE2002-2.This re-issue includes other 'Aerobatics' recorded in the FMP studio at the same time as Aerobatics 4 (with the exception of Aerobatics 10: Crest of the wave or thereabouts) and which were formerly circulated on the cassette that accompanied the Collected solos box set.

Reviewed by John Litweiler in Downbeat, vol. 48, no. 11, (November 1981), p. 48. One is left with the image of Litweiler being chased through the icy wastes by a mastodon (or monoceros?), fleeing in fear but also trying to find a way of placating the beast through a recognition of its importance on the evolutionary scale.

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