Incus27 Monoceros

Evan Parker

Evan Parker, solo soprano saxophone.

Monoceros 1 (21.30), Monoceros 2 (05.12), Monoceros 3 (08.58), Monoceros 4 (04.03).

Recorded at Wyastone Leys Monmouth, on 30 April 1978.

Title partly comes via Spenser, The Faerie Queene as 'mono' 'ceros': single horn. Interestingly, though this was not involved in the choice of title, the monoceros is mentioned in Peter Ackroyd's The house of Doctor Dee: 'In Libya dwells the monoceros that feasts upon poison, and can make itself into male or female as it wishes...'

Re-issued on CD on Chronoscope CPE2004-2.

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