Incus 31 Home cooking; and Richard Coldman guitar solos

This record has two distinct sides; on the one there is:

Home cooking by John Russell

John Russell, solo guitar.

Bedroom music 1 (11.20), Bedroom music 2 a, b (13.52).

Recorded in Ruckinge, Kent on 17 December 1978.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Steve Francis; 'Thanks to my grandmother' J.R..

and on the other side there is:

Richard Coldman guitar solos

Richard Coldman, 6 string and 12 string amplified acoustic guitars, metal items, Barry Leigh's motorised bow, vocal utterance, foam, no overdubs, nothing else.

Fret buzz (03.26), Breaking through (03.50), Nose trouble (04.01), High notes (03.27), One-man-band (06.59).

Recorded at Riverside Studios, London on 11 April 1979, producer Evan Parker.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Maria Carlota Silva.

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