Incus 33 Circadian rhythm

Paul Burwell/Hugh Davies/Max Eastley/Paul Lovens/Paul Lytton/Annabel Nicolson/Evan Parker/David Toop

Paul Burwell, percussion; Hugh Davies, live electronics; Max Eastley, self-designed automatic instruments and other small home-made instruments; Paul Lovens, percussion & singing saw; Paul Lytton, percussion & live electronics; Annabel Nicolson, charcoal, sparks, branches, twigs, fire, pine needles, draughts, smoke; Evan Parker, saxophones, etc.; David Toop, flute, alto flute, bass recorder, piccolo, home-made & found instruments.

Circadian rhythm excerpt 2 (09.56), Circadian rhythm excerpt 3 (09.55), Circadian rhythm excerpt 1 (22.46).

'The music on this record has been selected from tapes of a thirteen hour concert given at the London Musician's Collective from July 29 - 30 1978, as part of David Toop's Music/Context Festival. Our original intention had been to play for a whole day' Evan Parker.

Recorded by Bob Woolford; Cover photograph by Pamela Marre.

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