Incus45 Hook, drift & shuffle

Evan Parker/George Lewis/ Barry Guy/Paul Lytton

Evan Parker, saxophones; George Lewis, trombone; Barry Guy, bass; Paul Lytton, percussion.

Drift (34.35), Shuffle (10.01), Hook (06.14).

Recorded at Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels on 4 February 1983.

'This set of improvisations was recorded at the Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels in the concert series directed by Godried-Willem Raes. In addition to trombone George Lewis played a number of accessory and modifying devices. most of which were amplified. Barry Guy used amplification and electronics to process the sound of the bass. Paul Lytton used cymbals, gongs, woodblocks and amplified percussion. The sequence of tracks follows the sequence of performance.

Re-issued on CD in June 2007 as psi 07.07.

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