Incus 48 Notes

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, solo guitar improvisations.

  1. K (05.05)
  2. Scaling (02.28)
  3. At fives & sixes (02.56)
  4. Notable (03.10)
  5. Noting (05.38)
    All recorded in London in April 1985.

  6. Speculations, old style (04.14)
  7. 83, an update on 38 (12.40)
  8. Titular exhaustion (06.06)
    All recorded in London in July 1985.

Cover design (partly reproduced above) by Karen Brookman.

On the reverse of the cover: 'I put an E with a B and a G with a D and an A and an F. And a B with C and a G and an E and an F and an A. And a ...... J.(S) Durante from: I'm the guy who found the lost chord.'

Note, track 2, Scaling, was also released on the compilation CD Legends of guitar vol. 1: jazz

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