Incus5 Collective calls [urban] [two microphones]

Evan Parker/Paul Lytton

Evan Parker, soprano and tenor saxophones, home made instruments, cassette recorder; Paul Lytton, percussion, live electronics, sound effects and noise.

Peradam (05.09), Cat's flux (05.45), Shaker (13.00), Left of the neo-left (01.12), Lytton perdu (13.25) Voice fragment (0.21), Some mother blues (08.30), What's left of the neo-left (01.55).

Recorded London 1972; first (open) sleeve issue gives date as 15-16 April, later issue (with Margaret Parker photographs) as 15-16 May:

Re-issued on CD in November 2002 as psi 02.05.

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