Incus8 Tony Oxley

Tony Oxley

Tony Oxley, percussion, amplified percussion; Barry Guy, bass; Dave Holdsworth, trumpet; Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; Howard Riley, piano; Paul Rutherford, trombone; Derek Bailey, guitar.

Never before or again (10.40), M-W-M (06.30), EIROC II (05.30), East of Sheffield (06.20), South east of Sheffield (07.40), P.P.1 (08.30).

Track 1 (Parker/Holdsworth/Rutherford/Riley/Guy/Oxley) recorded 1972; track 2 (solo Oxley) recorded 1975; track 3 (Bailey/Parker/Rutherford/Oxley) recorded 1971; track 4 (solo Oxley) recorded 1971; track 5 (solo Oxley) recorded 1973; track 6 (solo Oxley) recorded 1975.

Recorded over a four year period (71-75), these tracks illustrate the evolutionary development of Tony Oxley's music, and particularly his percussion vocabulary. Amplification has played a large part in this development, giving breadth to the instrument, and allowing a reconsideration of the role of percussion in relation to improvised and structured music.

Cover drawing (partly reproduced above) by Alan Davie.

In spring 2002 a special edition of the LP was made available directly from Tony Oxley with a limited edition print by Alan Davie.

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