Incus CD01 Cyro

Derek Bailey/Cyro Baptista

Derek Bailey, guitar; Cyro Baptista, percussion.

Toca Joga (05.25), Quanto Tempo (03.47), Polvo (04.47), Rio Branco (05.15), Joga Toca (03.22), Que Horas (04.56), Tonto (06.54), Batida (04.33).

'Since leaving Rio, Cyro has been accepted as one of the world's leading Brazilian percussionists, recording with Paquita de Rivera, Ruben Blades, Astrud Gilberto and lots of people like that. We met in New York while I was living there in the winter of 1982 and first played together at the Ear Inn on Spring St. In the following months we played at all kinds of places, occasions which figured prominently among the many musical pleasures I enjoyed during that period. One such occasion, thanks to Bill Laswell, was this recording.' Derek Bailey.

Recorded by Martin Bisi, New York City, October 1982.

Photographs by Eleonora Alberto and Karen Brookman.

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