Incus CD13 False prophets or dang good guessers

Shaking Ray Levis

Dennis Palmer, Casio CZ-101, Korg 707, Moog Liberation and Rapman synthesizers & Electo-Harmonix 16 second delay; Bob Stagner, variety of 'percussion-like things': bamboo fiddle, zither, Rancan 6", 10", 14" and 16" cymbals, Ludwig and Purecussion drums, Remo 8"and 10" hand drums, a 6" roto tom, Dr.(550) Rhythm machine, Levi-designed nail violin, tuned freon canister, Gary Miller cow bells, redwood 2x4, temple blocks and miscellaneous metal.

The popcorn gomer (01.24), Rev Jim's belly (01.20), Quarrelsome brother love (00.32), Sunday school breakfast (01.57), Green eyed lovely chimp (01.44), Big for my size (02.03), Humming devil (02.09), Bullet proof cross (00.44), Dob on ah stob (01.29), All sweet like babies (01.43),Magic pulpit ride (01.08), All against beam (02.04), Sissy gladiators (01.39), Hip oh jumping devil: seven examples (01.55), Merry dang soul (01.32), Astral peeper (01.09), Where's the bible? (01.55), Catbird technique (02.13), Lil'hellbender (01.59), Corpse of earth (02.43).

Tracks 1 to 11 were recorded mixed and engineered at the Sound Lab, Chattanooga, Tennessee, January-April 1992; tracks 12 to 26 were recorded in Palmer's basement in June 1992. Cover design (reproduced above) by Dennis Palmer.

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