Incus CD18 Company 91 volume 3


Pat Thomas, piano & electronics; Paul Lovens, percussion; Paul Rogers, bass; Buckethead, guitar; Yves Robert, trombone; Vanessa Mackness, voice; John Zorn, alto saxophone; Alexander Balanescu, violin; Derek Bailey, guitar.

JZ/YR part 1 (08.32), JZ/YR part 2 (05.50), VM/AB/PL/PT (09.25), DB/AB/YR/JZ/VM part 1 (06.02), DB/AB/YR/JZ/VM part 2 (02.09), DB/AB/YR/JZ/VM part 3 (06.28), PL/YR/PR/JZ (10.57), BK/DB (12.28) [all tracks derived from the initials of the musicians].

Recorded by Paul Wilson and Matt Saunders, during Company Week 1991 at the Place Theatre, London; taken from the final two days: Friday and Saturday.

Artwork and design by Karen Brookman.

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