Incus CD24 S&M

Roger Smith/Neil Metcalfe

Roger Smith, guitar; Neil Metcalfe, flute.

Ian's flat in December - A (06.20), Ian's flat in December - B (02.22), Ian's flat in December - C (01.12), Ian's flat in December - D (02.41); all recorded in London by Ian Vickers on 22 December 1995.

October in November (05.30); recorded in concert at the October Gallery, London during the Incus Festival 1995, on November 28 by Martin Davidson.

Hollywell in October - A (04.45), Hollywell in October - B (08.35), Hollywell in October - C (05.01), Hollywell in October - D (05.13), Hollywell in October - E (05.42); all recorded by Michael Gerzon at the Hollywell Room, Oxford on 22 October 1995.

Ian's flat in July - A (07.58), Ian's flat in July - B (06.44), Ian's flat in July - C (04.33), Ian's flat in July - D (04.06); all recorded by Martin Davidson in London on 24 July 1995.

Neil's flat in the previous July (05.03); recorded in London on 26 July 1994 by Ian Vickers.

Cover designed by Karen Brookman

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